Latest updates

From now on the updates will be announced through Twitter

07/18/2020 - 0.0.23
-Update libraries.
-Android devices from version 4.1 onwards are now supported.

07/15/2020 - 0.0.21 & 0.0.22
-Android devices from version 4.0.3 onwards are now supported.
-Update libraries.

06/13/2020 - 0.0.20
-Added portuguese language and optimized code.

05/31/2020 - 0.0.18 / 0.0.19
-The application has been monetized with advertisements to guarantee the viability and continuity of its development since the previous donation method has not met the expected expectations. 
-Fixed a bug in the rcon commands collection view that avoids displaying all its content

05/19/2020 - 0.0.17
-Added navigation to rcon login when a user clicks on a server saved in favorites. Update nuget packages.

05/02/2020 - 0.0.16
-Added rcon home view, rcon players view, refactor credits and RCON views, clean and optimize code.

05/01/2020 - 0.0.14 / 0.0.15
-Added an option to remember the RCON password (the password will be saved on the device encrypted). Fixed crash found in shell navigation, fixed some minor tweaks, updated nugets, and optimized code.

04/29/2020 - 0.0.7 / 0.0.13
-Fixed crash caused by AAPT2 and added more information for SACNR servers when user tap on SACNR server list item more information is displayed. Nugets updated and the code has been optimized.

04/25/2020 - 0.0.6
-Optimized code, updated nuggets and fixed an error that blocked the application if the device did not have internet access.

04/24/2020 - 0.0.5
-Fix crash from release environment.

04/20/2020 - 0.0.4
-ProGuard has been disabled because it prevented the app from starting.

04/19/2020 - 0.0.3
-Optimization of the application.

04/18/2020 - 0.0.2
-Optimization of the application.

04/16/2020 - 0.0.1
-First release.


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